With Passion Fish Productions and passion anything is possible. We successfully integrate passion, work and creativity.
We love what we do.
Passion + Skill = Masterpiece! This skill-set gives us the proficiency and flexibility to offer
a dynamic and energetic service to each and every production and to all your production needs.
Our Clients
We believe that you will receive more value for your money when filming anywhere in South Africa and Africa as we understand your budgets and we know how to save you money wherever possible on both filming anywhere on location and studio.

We explore and we discover new ideas on every job and pride ourselves with the quickest turnaround time for your benefit. We enthusiatically deliver on time each and every time no matter how big or how small the production. There are so many more good and valuable reasons to work and shoot with Passion Fish Productions.
We love our clients. And it’s true. We mean it. We love all of our clients in a natural way that’s conducive to a healthy, professional relationship.
Like our clients, we’re openly passionate about what we do. We are thoroughly committed to making each production and project we do significant and memorable.

We have had the pleasure and honor of servicing and working with great Production Companies and Advertising Agencies:
Indian Production Companies: Footcandles Films, Bang Bang Films, Asylum Films, Nirvana Films, OffRoad Films, Opticus Inc, LensFlare Films,  LemonYellowSun Films, Red Carpet Entertainment
European Production and Advertising Companies: Innocean Worldwide Europe GmbH, Bazelevs, Metrafilms, 25FPS, JWT
Nigerian Advertising Agencies: Franchise Law & Kenneth, Insight Communications, Prima Garnet Ogilvy,  to mention a few.
• Cape Town can be many cities and many countries. With our extensive location databases and access to a variety of location databases we are sure to find you the location that suits your brief.

• We have some of the best crew in the world.  With a combined effort between equipment suppliers, we are able to offer an extensive variety of equipment to clients that are accustomed to working with the highest quality gear. An affiliation between South African companies and large international companies also ensures the availability of just about any piece of equipment, no matter how elusive it may be.

• We have amazing and wonderful animals and animal wranglers for any shoot requiring animals who have been trained specifically for film shoots and events.

• Our post-production facilities specialises in film production, full post production, VFX, CG, sound desig. With highly experienced crew and staff in their individual specialized fields that are always more than happy to listen to your requirements and offer expert advice. We produce, shoot and post small to bigger sized ads and commercials and have a great VFX & CG team on site for CG intensive projects.  Our post production is amongst the best and we will edit, vfx and output to any format that the customer requires. We collaborate with sound editors and production facilities with a full digital recording suite to cater for every need, from sound design to a full score.

• Sound facilities that service the industry range from small voice-over studios to licensed Dolby Surround motion picture sound studios, sound design, sound effects, music production, scores and jingles.

• The sun shines for 14 hours in Cape Town’s summer season and winter season sees us in Johannesburg •
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